Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trying to Draw Manga - Your Guide to Guides - Part 1

Let me begin by saying, I have just recently received a copy of The Monster Book of Manga:Draw Like the Experts ((the link is below if you would like to see it after my current review)). Well Let me being by saying this is NOT a user-friendly book. It is very vague in everything it says. When I say it's vague I mean yes it shows you, as in it gives you pictures, but it doesn't tell you HOW to do it, and it doesn't actually aid you as a hot-to book should. When I purchase a book to teach me I expect actual techniques that I can use and manipulate and that is usually what i get when I purchase a high quality book, which are NOT always expensive with pretty covers.

Please do not let the pretty pictures and shiny plastic that it comes encased in fool you. This book is not for beginners. This book is for very experienced artists who know what they are doing. ((although even if a experienced artist is picking up a how-to book, i still expect the basics, which, as i said earlier are techniques that can be easily manipulated by the reader)) I Have become aware that there are other versions of this Monster Manga book however, and I intend to get to the bottom of this and determine weather all of the books in this series is a complete failure in it's genre, or if this particular one is just meant for experienced artists. I am a experienced artist and I sill find the book vague myself, I do not prefer it. This is my personal opinion, but obviously, you knew that, otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this. I learned to draw manga and anime a more common way that can be manipulated easily and is fairly easy to pick up as well, it is also very easy to make advances in it.

In the Monster Book of Manga:Draw Like the Experts the author has chosen to use a particularly difficult way to build his characters structures that is different from the norm. But as we all know, normal is not always better. I am willing to give this.....Estudio Joso and Fernando Casaus the benefit of the doubt on this one and I will report back to you all very soon with the results from his other books. I prey that you do not waste your money on this particular one if you are looking for somthing that is clear and easy to understand.

In the mean time do NOT fear for I have saved the day for all of you. I know, I am truly a savior of sorts. If you are a beginner or intermediate -or just looking to update you skills and refresh your drawing technique and advanced- I will always, always, ALWAYS! recommend How to Draw:Shoujo Featuring the authors Robert Acosta, Pual Kilpatrick, Ben Dunn, Rod Espinosa, and David Hutchison.
I will attach a link for this book as well do not fear.

For the rest of you who are interested in drawing action and not just shoujo I have another book. Unfortunately this one IS for more experienced artists, but let me tell you it is not vague and it includes many extras to it such as : the history of manga, creating characters, setting..etc.
this is a wonderful book I will recommend and it is called Art of Drawing Manga by Sergi Camara and Vanessa Duran I will....include a link below.

Monster Book of Manga:Draw like the Experts =

How to Draw Shoujo =

Art of Drawing Manga =

In closeing, the subject of a poor how-to guide has been brought to my attention. I have suggected to you TWO! -count them, two- very high quality books that you can use in the stead of the Monster Book of Manga. I intend to do more research on this subject and get back to you, my readers, with more information on this very important subject.

with love, and happy vibes,
Alleigh Brown

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  1. I love this one!!! Clearly, I know where NOT to spend my money at Barnes and Noble!!!THanks!