Monday, July 16, 2012

Scott Pilgrim - Game Review

Alright so I was with my friends this weekend and we played the Scott Pilgrim video game on the story mode for four players and it was freaking awesome. I usually have a lot of trouble with X-Box controls because I have always been a Play Station girl, but this was surprisingly easy to get he hang of. I really enjoyed the game and all of my friends and I were into it! Seriously we played for maybe four straight hours (well two in the morning and two at night)(and its not easy to keep their attention!!!) and when the game finally froze on one of the last battles we all groaned and noticed how long it had taken us. We turned the game off after that. XD Well let me start by saying the characters were SO CUTE! All of the characters were much more attractive in the game than they were on the commercials for the movie. (Haven't seen the movie yet) Ramona actually seemed pretty sweet and adorable, I am definitely going to read the mange after this. So obviously I was intrigued by the character design and the story, it takes A LOT for a video game to make me read the actual book it is based off of. I am especially wondering about Ramona's ex's. I would like to know WHY Scott has to fight them. Like so they want Ramona back? Is it a pride thing? What's going on there?! My friends refused to tell me anything about it. :/ (that really annoyed me especially since one took all of the manga for it and shoved it in my face. I almost slapped him. ) Well Scott Pilgrim is every nerd's fantasy apparently XD I have to admit it sounds pretty appealing to me to, but I'm a romantic so I guess that's why. Well not only were the character designs cute and the plot interesting (enough for me to want to know more) but it was a great game. the game play was simple and easy and I picked it up in a snap so this game it totally noob friendly! :D Which is good for me because I'm a gamer noob. I was also surprised at the multi-player mode. Sometimes they are really crappy and one person will be having a great time while the other is having a horrible time. But in Scott Pilgrim everyone HAS to work together, not only that but there are other aspects that unite the players as a team. For instance if you're character dies, another person can bring you back to life while someone else guards the one who is bringing you back. Once you're down you can borrow lives from others, and finally, in the stores you can loan money to your friends. (I LOVED Ramona's special abilities by the way. I played as her and she was BAD ASS! Seriously, one of her regular moves she pulled a freaking Thor hammer from her purse! XD One of her special moves is swinging her bag in a circle which is GREAT for pushing back a lot of enemies, she has this cute little kick that really packs a punch where she will kick someone behind her, and FINALLY she has an amazing special ability where she calls up about a gallon of coffee and gives all of the players in your party this boost. From what I could tell the boost helped you defense, made you faster, and made your attacks a lot stronger as well. -its an awesome boost!-) So here's the conclusion, if you are like me and you play video games for the story, not the actual action and excitement, and to boot you aren't that natural of a gamer, then Scott Pilgrim for the X-Box is perfect for you and your friends to play because the multi-player mode is easy for EVERYONE to get into it and really unite you guys as a team.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Update: Playlist and Dilemmas

Soooo the old playlist wouldn't play automatically anymore and that was totally lame that you had to like click on it and make a pop out player just to experience the blog, so I switched it. I'm still working out some kinks, trying to get it to play automatically and stuff but for the most part this one seems okay. The only thing I dislike about it is one, the player doesn't fit on the page right, its too big, and the music is from youtube videos......which get deleted.....alot....if you have seen the Anime Lovers Delight youtube play list you will notice that it went from 8 awesome 3..... :/ so yeah. That is kind of a hassle. Also, I loved the song White from the movie White....but I'm too afraid to listen to iiiiitttttt! DX

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Horror Movies - White and The Coffin

Omg guys it is 1:17 am and I am not sleeping tonight at all because I just finished the freakist movie ever called "White"(made in 2011) and it scared the crap outta me. Its a Korean horror movie and it is sooo good, scary, but good. (Japanese and Korean horror movies are always soo crazy and like just very....they are just so much more intense than american ones that are just pathetic in comparison...I mean c'mon...a shark in a lake? why not just leave the lake? And what about the one with the piranhas? =.= uh yeah...if you wanna get freaked out? Go modern Korean/Japanese horror. -old ones are kind of not so great but no old horror movies are very scary- ) My problem with horror movies is when it is a ghost movie that doesn't end, like the haunting doesn't get resolved and you still don't know how to resolve it at the end. :/ I need to know how to get rid of the ghost that is haunting me XD so yeah. So "White" is about a singing group called the Pink Dolls who is always over shadowed by a band called Pure. Not to mention the main character, Eun-Joo, a singer in the Pink dolls is always being bullied by her peers. (I find that viscous bullying is a major issue/common theme most characters deal with in Korean and Japanese dramas and movies. Not to mention there are several manga and anime that feature bullying that can often lead to death either because the aggressive ones went too far and killed the character or because the character committed suicide. Its always pretty serious as opposed to American dramas and what not where bullying is usually just talking about people behind their back.) In the beginning of the movie the group the Pink Dolls move into a new studio that had previously burned down and killed a bunch of people and Eun-Joo finds a music video on tape called "White". The Pink Dolls cover the song and they are an instant hit. They argue over who will sing lead and gain most of the spot light, all except Eun-Joo, however soon gruesome 'accidents' begin to happen to the girls who sing the lead. Before each accident the girl tells Eun-Joo they are sorry and mention to her how hot it is in the room... Eun-Joo soon begins to investigate and finds out there is a horrific past to the song and that it is actually cursed and that if she doesn't stop the curse soon...she will be the victim of the next accident. The movie kept me and my friend on our toes and it was absolutely great, so if you have the stomach for horror films, watch this one. I also watched a movie called "The Coffin"(made in 2008), its actually a super natural thriller, not a horror movie but it's pretty good. :) "Inspired by a true Thai ritual of lying in coffins to get rid of bad luck and prolong life, The Coffin is a supernatural thriller about a young man and a young woman who decide to go through the ritual in Thailand." (Synopsis from The movie follows a man named Chris and a woman named Sue who go through the ritual. At the beginning its very confusing and its kind of choppy as they constantly switch back and forth between the two ever few seconds. Its weird and the beginning moves really fast but it all comes together in the end and you understand it ALL. Both Chris and Sue undergo the ritual however, Chris suffers from a seizure in the coffin and Sue experiences a terrible nightmare. You soon find out that Chris did the ritual to save his girl friend Mariko who is in a coma and Sue was trying to get rid of her lung cancer. Afterwards though both Chris and Sue begin to experience a haunting and they search for an answer to ending it. Its pretty fascinating but its also kind of sad in a sweet way. It definitely kept me wondering what was going on, you know how paranormal thrillers are all about discovering answers and histories so it did what it is supposed to do, it kept me guessing. However this movie had a good resolution. I now know how to stop a haunting caused by the coffin ritual. :) So if you're like me and you NEED a resolution, 'The Coffin' had a good one. :) So yeah I watched White and The Coffin tonight and they were really good. :) If you're feeling up to a scary movie, these two are good. :D

Monday, June 25, 2012

Anime Blues Con

Hey guys! So this is super late, like a week or two late and I'm sorry about that. So I went to Anime Blues Con in Memphis TN and I had my own Anime Lovers Delight Booth! :D Yay! I passed out a lot of cards and tried to build readership (ironic because I was late on my post.... 0.0 hmmm I should work on that) and what not. So at my booth a lot of people came by and spoke to me about a thousand different animes and that was by far the best part of the convention for me! I loved speaking to so many people about our common interest. I recommended Wolf's Rain, Chrono Crusade, Ga Rei Zero, and Rin Daughters of Mnemosyne mostly however one fellow came up to me saying he loved romantic comedies and I recommended B Gata H Kei: Yamada's First Time and My Bride is a Mermaid. Congratulations Memphis! Your people really know their stuff! The second biggest highlight was the Sleeping Samurai panel that was open 24 hours a day. :D It was amazing. You went in, paid two dollars and used a foam katana to beat up your friends! XD It was so fun and exciting. I got a few real tips from my friend Aaron who also hosted a self defense panel where you learned easy ways to defend yourself in real life, you know, simple moves that anyone could do. I wish I could have attended the panel, however I couldn't...I was at my booth XD Well after that I didn't get to go to many panels, however they did have a maid cafe, I miss it so much. Every convention I go to I miss the maid cafe! It was horrible! I wanted to go but I never got the chance. I closed up my panel and went to the rave with some friends, however I have to say I was really disappointed in the Blues Con rave. It was a huge disappointment. First of all they played radio dub-step music.....not what you play at a rave for people how go AGAINST the radio most of the time. :/ Sooo bad music first of all. There was a small turn out really and almost EVERYONE (95% of the rave goers) were all crowded around the stage listening to this one guy talk and cheer....I definitely go to a rave to dance, not adore one person on the stage. :/ No offence to him, I'm sure he's very nice, but I don't go there to worship. So yeah, not to mention he got people up on the stage, cool right? Well most of them were very attractive girls who were grinding and licking was sick. I don't wanna see them having sex on stage either. So lets see: Bad music, poor turn out, sex on stage, and idol worship. OH! And, get this, no bags. In the past it's been no big bags and they searched your bag before you entered, that's fine, that perfect. But Most rave clothing don't have pockets...HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO CARRY YOUR CELL PHONE?! What if there is an emergency? "Sorry doctor, I couldn't come and tell you that she was allergic to that medication because I was in a rave and didn't have my phone on me because I didn't have pockets." That's going to play out well. :/ I love you Victor, you are my big black man and I love ya for enforcing the rules, but that one kind of bugged me. :/ Side Note: Also....freaking M-TAC this year. Their rave seemed cool, but five minuets into it I found some dude's phone and the staff WOULDN'T TAKE IT! Definitely my most angry moment at any convention in my whole life. the man told me they didn't do that....he wouldn't even hold the phone! He wouldn't go turn it into hotel security for me or anything. Its not like he is going to have to wait in line to get back in the rave...he works there. I was so close to throwing the phone at his head and kicking him in a bunch of horrible places. I ended up having to leave the rave to give the guy back his phone and I ended up yelling at him. :/ I never got back in the rave that I waited all year for. Feel horrible M-TAC staff, you hired a douche. yup I said it. Now that that is over though....*ahem* -calms down- Blues Con had some really big speakers, for instance, Lord Zed from Power Rangers. Heard he was really good. They had a ton of great artists there and the dealer room (while small) had some great deals. :) My conclusion of Blues Con: A little disappointing in some area, but over all a good weekend. :) Glad I did it.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Sword Fighting

So I'm at Anime Blues Con in Memphis, TN and I just got out of the sword fighting panel. If you lost a leg you went down on one leg, if you got hit on the arm you put that arm behind the back, if you loose two limbs you die and a hit to the torso is an instant kill, one kill equals a point and the first one to five points wins. I lost... =.= didn't get one kill.....yup so I suck at sword fighting apparently. XD but it was fun and if you ever get the chance you should try it. :) Oh and the swords were fake and padded XD

Friday, June 8, 2012

Online Chats for Customer Service - Best Thing Ever - Smith Micro

So I am now installing manga Studio Debut on my new laptop so I can work on my art work with it from now on and well, I put the disc in and everything but when I tried to install it it would run a second, then just stop. I had no idea what to do. So I did what all tech savvy youngsters do and I googled the problem. I found someone who had the same problem as me and the only answer listed was to go to the website and talk to someone. Well....lets face it. Calling people for assistance is sometimes really hard because if you do manage to have enough patience to stay on the line long enough it's just complicated having to understand people and what not, and e-mailing for complaints?! HA! Thats a laugh, you have to wait a week for a reply, but....I saw the site had one of those Instant Chat things to handle problems. Well I used it, got someone on the line in under a minuet, and my problem was solved in under five minuets. Turns out if you have window 7 or window vista you might have to change your security settings because it won't let things install even if you say it's alright. Well I didn't want to change my security settings and look, here I am five minuets later with the program fully installed on my computer. Also while we are here I would like to say I LOVE Smith Micro's Manga Studio Debut 4. You pretty much need a pen tablet to use it, but it was super easy to make thousands of awesome manga effects for my drawings! Its just nice for beginners and to me it seems that Smith Micro's products are affordable and easy to use for beginners. I don't think they are professional grade or maybe they are, I don't know but it gets the job done and its easy to make manga pages that look professional. :) If you can get this program you can make your own professional looking manga. That's all there is too it. So yeah, I love Manga Studio, Smith Micro is affordable, and I love the instant message help! :D Have a great day guys!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

When You Miss Something....

So, sometimes I'll read a manga or watch an anime and suddenly something occurs to me.....I'm missing something. There is something in this plot line that is missing, and it is glaringly obvious like some kind of big, empty vortex or a hole that actually sucks up the story line into some alternate universe where it makes sense and you just can't get there...meanwhile you are left on the other side of the vortex missing that information. Alright....whatever right? Maybes its a mixed plot line where its scattered and you'll find out later? Oh no....then you see a small annotation that tells you 'refer to the video game for the PS2' and you're entire world shatters right then and there because you realize that's why you're missing the information. No it can't be like Marvel comics where the have annotations that tells you to refer to a different issue for more back story on that it's refer to that video game. However we are anime lovers and manga readers...we are not video gamers! D: If we were would we be reading this stupid manga? No! We'd be fighting monsters on the PS2...... so now it you like the manga enough and you want to understand the story you have to go out and spend the money on the game and mow your friend's lawn in order to borrow their PS2 or mow your lawn to earn the money to buy your own PS2 and then figure out some way to earn three years worth of gaming skills in order to actually finish the game and finish the story line......or you have to look up walk throughs and trust wikipedia and gather small bits of information from around the web until you feel confident enough that you have the whole story. the sequel to the latter however is that three months later someone mentions that secret love interest or that final hidden boss that changed the plot line entirely and you are like 'What?! No! I finished that manga a week meant from the video....the video game....ARGH!' You scream and pull out your hair and for the next three months you rely on your cosplay wigs. =.= You see? You see the horrible result from splitting story lines from video games and manga?! Balding. That is the result. Here are things that okay: -Having different story lines for the manga, the anime, the video game, and the visual novel. -Adding extra details and twists to each different version of the story. Here is what is not okay: -Intertwining them all so that if you read or watch one of the mediums you MUST partake in all the mediums in order to understand ANYTHING that is going on. A good example of this was Disgaea.....I read the manga 'Disgaea 2' you know, with Rozalin and all? Ooooh such a yummy story line for the comic romantics! However it had that annotation to refer to the video game and when I finished that volume I never picked it up again because the next part was on a video game. 0.0 this is possibly one of the most annoying things ever done to me. following in a close second is when a manga author refuses to put out more than one volume of multiple mangas and when the anime makes no sense by the end because they cut out too much and you are FORCED to read through the manga for hidded clues and details that were lost in the animation process. Thats it for today. XD The X factor, the void in so many mangas today was the topic. The conclusion? It annoys me. Very deeply. hahaha. If I wanted to play the video game I would, if I was GOOD at video games I would play them...but I'm not so I read manga and watch anime.... Have a good day guys!